Monday, June 4, 2012

Making time to write

photo of round kitchen timer shaped like cat's head with ears
just like mine, photo from
Deep breath.
Yes, I'm going to truly begin writing my middle-grade novel with words, on paper, not just in my head while on my morning walks.

Morning is the best time for me to work, so I will do ultra-quick email check very early, finish writing book recommendation for BooksYALove and complete its blog post enhancements and links, then take my notebook and fountain pen out to the porch with a cup of tea and my cute kitty-cat timer to write.

I will have to do the actual 20 minutes of writing away from my computer at the outset.  So much temptation to dip back over into the online firehose of info to do research that I don't think I should do the actual novel writing on computer at the moment.
I need to get my characters started, the setting set, and such.

It will take at least 30 days to get this new writing habit started, although we'll be moving in July, then taking vacation before next job begins. Transitioning to writing on the word processor once we're into travel days routine with new project should be easy enough - thank goodness for Dropbox!

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