Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday quick-write - In the school library

The prompt: A student walks into the library/media center at lunchtime.  What is she/he thinking?  Worried about?  Dreading?  Hoping or wishing for? What are the risks/stakes for him/her? Show us in a paragraph or two. ( from
"How could Coach do this to me?" Jamie moaned. "Delaying tryouts for two days? This will throw me off my game for sure."

"Two extra days of practice should help, J," observed Sam. "It's not like Coach Weitz moved tryouts earlier or something."

Jamie leaned wearily against the library wall. "But don't you see? Now seventh-grade basketball tryouts are the day after report cards, not the day before! And you know what my parents say about grades..."

"School is your fulltime job - As and Bs or else!" the two friends chorused.

The librarian looked over with a grin. "Surely you're not worried about your grades, Mr. Webster! You've always been a good student."

"But Mrs. White, our whole English grade is a poetry unit! What do I know about poetry? And we'll have to write our own poetry! Ms. Baker is just trying to torture us."
Yep, junior high boys and poetry... ought to be an interesting second six-weeks grading period!

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  1. Fabulous: "Ms. Baker is just trying to torture us." I actually use the Vogan poetry episode from "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy"as a little skit showing this idea of poetry as torture. It's fun and gets kids interested in reading and writing poetry.